What You Need to Know About the new Piwik PRO Core

Data analytics is basically the science of analyzing raw data wherein analyzation and conclusion are drawn from the gathered information. There are processes and techniques incorporated in data analytics that have been transformed into algorithms which are integral in optimizing the performance of a certain business.

Data Analytics Overview

In general, data analytics is a common term that involves various types of data analysis. Almost all kinds of information can be utilized to process data analytics techniques in order to gain insights that can help improve certain factors on a given situation.

Through data analytics current trends and metrics are revealed that are often disregarded in accumulation of information. The derived information from data analytics is often utilized to optimize procedures thus increasing the general proficiency of a given system or business. The insights from the data analytics processes are valuable in terms of key decision making to companies regardless of size or scale.

General Procedure in Data Analytics

1.     Identify the goal or question that is needed from the analysis.

2.    Collection of correct information with regards to fulfilling a goal or answering the target question.

3.    Devise means to extract correct data for improved data quality. This will then be prepared for analysis and processing it into the right format while disregarding unnecessary data.

4.    Manipulation of data by utilizing automated systems (i.e. Excel or Google Sheets).

5.    Analyzing data through statistical means which will be instrumental for interpretation.

6.    Data presentation through visual tools, graphs, charts etc. Reports can be obtained from data analytics which will be valuable in spotting trends that will help form sound decisions.

Best Advantage of Data Analytics

Information is crucial in any business or organization and through data analytics performances as well as productivity can be optimized. This will also help build a robust business model to companies helping in reducing expenses and improving productivity leading to better services and products.

In-line with the rise on privacy laws and the demand for compliant analytics platforms, a new tool was launched to help website owners collect valuable data while following the laws and satisfying user expectations. Piwik PRO Core, unlike many popular analytics tools available for public consumption is a better alternative in measuring analytics. This new plan for Piwik PRO Analytics Suite is absolutely free to anyone who wants to apply analytics in business, government or education and they can enjoy it with fewer limits and more functionalities.

Why use Piwik PRO Core?

·       It is a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics.

·       It is built around industry-standard concepts which include detailed, ready-made reports and dashboards as well as custom reports, funnels, user flows and multi-channel attribution models.

·       It includes web and mobile analytics, 14-month data retention for tag management and consent management, half a million monthly actions and full access to raw data.

·       It is compliant with Compliance with GDPR, LGPD, CCPA.

This new tool has a secure cloud servers in Germany. Its interface is similar to Google Analytics, giving you a hassle-free migration. In addition, analytics professionals from leading organizations, such as the Government of the Netherlands optimize customer and user journeys with this tool.

Privacy whether online or offline is everyone’s concern in this era of a fast-paced technology. If you don’t want to get left behind, you should try the power of Piwik PRO Core, a privacy-first platform that offers advanced analytics features while allowing for full control of data.

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