Using Cameras to Inspect Pipe System

Inspection cameras are useful tools for many professionals. Plumbers, building inspections, contractors and others benefit from this technology. This small device is utilized to inspect a variety of pipes, including the pipes in the plumbing system and storm drains, making it easier for plumbers to identify issues in the system that are not easy to view above ground. With varied costs for this type of inspection, often depending on the age and strength of the equipment, home owners depend on this service to ensure the health of their sewer and pipe systems, however, this tool is available for purchase or rental for weekend warriors.

This tool has other useful jobs, as well. Helpful in finding personal artifacts, such as wedding rings, that have been dropped in the sink and in planning for remodeling projects, pipe cameras can save time and money. Inspection of pipes in the home prior to remodeling of the bathroom or kitchen ensures that the pipe system is capable of managing changes to the home that would require increased workload for the pipes. Although many people only seek this service when there is an issue, proactive and preventative use of this tool would be beneficial for the health of your home.

Using a manhole or other access point, a camera tractor is used to lower the camera, attached to a flexible cable, into the piping system from a vehicle parked above the access point. The operator can then view the health of the pipes through video monitoring and transmitting. With the blockage identified, the equipment operator can then mark the spot of the obstruction so that work can begin in the impacted area, limiting damage to surrounding areas.

The video transmitted from a pipe inspection camera is often high quality, many models with LED lighting to assist with viewing in the darkest areas, and the video is stored so that further inspection of the pipework is possible away from the worksite. Available with differing cable lengths, video strengths and price ranges, these products can be helpful on small worksites and in large community construction and maintenance projects.

Video identification of problems is a quick and easy process. Inspection models have a variety of camera head types, some allowing for different tilts and leverages for a variety of environments. Some models are compatible with popular cell phone operating systems. Easily identify issues that would otherwise be difficult to find so that work to repair the issue is targeted, timely and efficient. Thorough inspection of the health of these systems can bring peace of mind to homeowners, as the current functioning and state of the pipe system can be assessed, helping to identify concerns early and before the complete breakdown of the system.

Overall, using inspection cameras can limit the time and costs involved with plumbing issues. This is including drainage issues, sewage blockages, and water leaks. It is no longer required that plumbers dig up the yard to assess the issue but can now visually inspect the system from above ground and homeowners benefit with safer, healthier and better functioning homes.

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