Ujjawal Madan on Translating Music and Math to Success in the Technological Field 

Ujjawal Madan loves many things about life but particularly enjoys music, math, and technology. Over the years, he has consistently tried to illustrate the similarities between these concepts and how they help make innovations easier. He recently discussed this point to help bridge the gap between tech-minded people who don’t see the importance of music in their life.

Why Ujjawal Madan Believes Music, Math, and Technology Go Together

Anybody who has studied music or performed like understands the unique connections between this art form and mathematical concepts. These ideas were discovered centuries ago and have fueled the greatest musical innovations of all time. For example, even something as simple as a musical scale is based on complex mathematical and acoustic concepts. In fact, music involves some of the most complex mathematical ideas imaginable.

Without going into the intricate details, all musical scales are based on separating the notes of an octave at a specific frequency away from each other. This complex idea helps account for things like the eight-note scale common in Western music to ideas like 25-note scales that use microtonal concepts (i.e., notes that exist between the standard 12-notes used for Western music). Many composers even use deep math ideas to produce scales that exist only for their music.

While all that information is interesting mathematically and scientifically, what does it have to do with success in technology? According to Ujjawal Madan, a lot. Understanding music opens up a whole new world of mathematical possibilities. Great music players and composers must understand the mathematical concepts that unite ideas like melody, harmony, and rhythmic concepts, and all other ideas that push music to a higher level.

As a result, those who perform music may be able to better master the complex ideas behind programming and innovating technological advances. In addition, programming requires understanding unique and often quite challenging languages that integrate mathematical ideas and other concepts into a greater whole. By practicing math musically, it may be possible to expand understanding into these unique ideas.

Just as importantly, Ujjawal Madan believes that music helps to expand a person’s creativity and insight into the connection of numbers. And by broadening imagination and this type of conceptual understanding, it may be possible to come up with bold and innovative ideas for technology, concepts that may help to transform the world and make it a more fascinating and comfortable place to live.

For example, he has used his expertise in mathematics and music to look at technological advances from a slightly out-of-the-box angle. In this way, he believes he can provide bold new ideas to his customers and help them thrive. Even better, he is certain that more people can learn these types of skills by paying serious attention to the unique benefits music and math provides their engineers.

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