5 Things to Consider Before Installing a TV Outside

Do you intend to host guests or spend more time outdoors when the weather is favorable? If you prefer maximizing the season by spending most of your time outdoors, you will undoubtedly look for ways to make yourself comfortable and entertained. This may mean getting comfortable chairs and even creating an entertainment area in the backyard. One of the things you could do to achieve this is to install an outdoor TV. You can enjoy watching your favorite programs outdoors. But what are some of the things you need to know before you consider installing a new TV, and where exactly should the TV be? Keep reading for more insight.

Choose the Right TV

Before you even know where you want to place the TV, you want to choose an appropriate one. If you intend to have it outside all year long, you need to find a weatherproof TV. Such TV models are graded for outdoor use and will not easily break down as weather changes. They are generally made of superior material to work in fluctuating environments. What’s more, they are durable and often outlast most other appliances. However, you should shop around and be ready to spend a significant amount of money.

Find an Appropriate Location.

These TVs can work anywhere in the backyard or outdoors. However, you want to find an ideal place to ensure everyone can watch comfortably. One of the most appropriate outdoor TV places would be a SOJAG gazebo. Regardless of whether the gazebo is enclosed full or partially, you can be sure that a good TV will make it more attractive to your family members and guests who want to relax and enjoy some TV watching. You could also have it installed in a pergola. Having the TV inside a gazebo or pergola offers further protection that ensures the TV lasts longer. Be careful not to place it directly under sunlight exposure as this can easily damage it.

Find an Appropriate Mount

Since the TV is outside, it is best mounted to ensure it does not move even with strong winds. You could attach it to an existing wall or have an external mount. The TV mount can also be decorated to make the area aesthetically pleasing. Just be sure that the mount is strong and can sustain the weight of the unit.

Protect the TV

You must protect the TV from obvious damage. Even if it is made to withstand most of the weather issues, it is still essential to protect it. Have it stored or mounted in a waterproof cabinet or covering. You could also secure the wall mount to ensure that not everyone accesses the TV directly.

Make Sure to Invest in Proper Wiring

Just as you would do for the indoor TV inside your house, the outdoor TV requires proper wiring. All cables and wiring must be appropriately secured and protected against harsh weather conditions. Hire a professional electrician to help you achieve this goal if necessary.

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