5 Major Misconceptions About Dedicated Server Hosting

Most site owners are not technical experts. Hence, before they buy a web hosting service, they read reviews and try to find a hosting plan that best suits their website. Since the early days, site owners have been hosting their sites on a Dedicated Server. However, with time, to make web hosting affordable and accommodate the changing needs of websites, different types of web hosting services were launched – Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, etc. With the growing popularity of these other hosting types, a lot of misconceptions about Dedicated Servers started circulating.

Today, we will look at five major misconceptions about Dedicated Server Hosting.

Myth 1. Launching your website on a Dedicated Server is time-consuming

Fact: This misconception stems from the fact that a Dedicated Server can be capable only when it is customised. Hence, websites hosted on Dedicated Servers customise the hosting environment based on their requirements. If the requirements are high-end, then customising can take time. On the other hand, basic sites can be launched in no time. Hence, a Dedicated Server does not always need a lot of time to deploy a website. It varies based on the hosting needs of the site.

Myth 2. Dedicated Server Hosting plans are too costly

Fact: Dedicated Server Hosting plans are priced higher than most other hosting services. However, the price of the hosting plan isn’t the only cost associated with web hosting. Rather than focusing on the price of the plan, site owners must look at the cost-efficiency of the hosting service. If your site is receiving large volumes of traffic or handling sensitive and critical information or needs to run custom software, then a Dedicated Server Hosting can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Myth 3. Hosting on a Dedicated Server requires technical expertise

Fact: Before web hosting companies started offering Dedicated Server plans with managed services, the site owner was responsible for taking care of all the technical aspects of hosting. These were unmanaged plans where the hosting company would only ensure that the server is online and manage its infrastructure. Site owners had to handle regular tasks like customising the hosting environment, running security scans and installing updates. Therefore, most people believed that using a Dedicated Server needed technical expertise. However, with web hosting providers offering Managed Dedicated Server Hosting plans, site owners can leave all these technical tasks to the host and focus on growing their website.

Myth 4. An in-house Dedicated Server is far better than a Dedicated Server Hosting service

Fact: Imagine buying an apartment as opposed to renting the same. It is logical to think that when you buy one, you will have more control over it, right? However, most web hosting companies understand that those who opt for a Dedicated Server Hosting plan need control over their servers and accommodate the custom requirements of the site owners. Hence, talking to the web host and detailing your requirements usually makes the hosting process efficient and straightforward.

Myth 5. VPS Hosting is a cheaper but equally efficient option

Fact: While a VPS server is designed to function as a Dedicated Server, the major difference between the two is that in VPS hosting, the virtual servers share a physical server. On the other hand, in Dedicated Server Hosting, one website is solely hosted on a physical server. Hence, there is a difference in performance and control over the hosting environment. If your site performs optimally on a VPS plan, then you don’t need to move to a Dedicated Server. However, if your website has outgrown VPS, then migrating to a Dedicated Server is your best choice.


Misconceptions are rife in today’s times since information is shared without analysing the facts. Hence, before believing anything you read, it is vital to verify its authenticity. The best way to get rid of misconceptions is by experiencing it yourself. Research thoroughly and consider all aspects before buying a Dedicated Server Hosting service for your site. Good Luck!

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