Why Do Big Corporates Prefer Dedicated Server Hosting?

A website hosting server plays an important role in the performance of the site. When a company decides to launch a website, it looks for a hosting server that can cater to the specific requirements of the site. There is a range of options available like a Shared Hosting Server, VPS Server, Cloud Hosting Server, Dedicated Server, etc.

While Shared Hosting is preferred by sites that are looking for affordable plans with basic resources and features, those desiring ultimate power and control over the server opt for a Dedicated Server. There are many providers offering a Dedicated Server in India, and site owners can choose based on the operating system (Windows Dedicated Servers/Linux Dedicated Servers), managed/unmanaged services or features offered by the hosting company.

Since the website is the sole resident of the webserver, Dedicated Hosting plans are costlier than other hosting plans. Typically, big corporates prefer Dedicated Servers Hosting for the reasons mentioned below.

Better Site Performance

When you buy a web hosting Dedicated Server plan, your site is the sole user of the server and its resources. Therefore, you are not sharing resources with any other site. This allows you to optimally utilize them and boost your site’s performance. In recent years, the best Dedicated Server providers have started offering SSD-based Dedicated Servers that offer better performance and reliability to site owners.

Lesser Downtime

In the fast-paced world of today, every minute the website of a big corporate is down, its reputation takes a hit. Hence, larger companies have to strive harder to ensure minimum downtime of their websites. A Dedicated Hosting provider usually offers 99.9%+ uptime assurance. The 0.1% is reserved for system maintenance or vulnerability patching processes, etc. On a shared server, there are many factors that can lead to downtime. However, with a Dedicated Server, you can control most factors except hardware crashes and ensure maximum uptimes.

More control over site security

While the internet has made lives easier, cyber-attacks have led to many businesses suffering huge losses and even shutting down. Most hackers try to target websites of big companies to steal confidential data or hold the site ransom. While most hosting services are secure and use the latest tools to ensure maximum protection of the server and the site, Dedicated Servers have an additional advantage. Since you are the sole user, you can configure security protocols based on what your site/business needs. The full root access with Dedicated Servers allows you to configure the firewall as needed, use any third-party security tools, and make configuration changes to the server to boost its security.

Also, if you opt for Managed Dedicated Server plans, then the technical team provided by the host ensures regular security scans to identify loopholes and patch them before being exploited. Hence, you have more control over site security with a Dedicated Server.

Complete Customizability

Being the sole user of the server, you can make any changes to ensure a unique site experience for visitors. This is particularly useful for big companies as they would want to create a special experience on their website. Also, if they want to use a proprietary application, a Dedicated Server allows them to do so with ease.

The following video further explains why big companies prefer Dedicated Hosting plans:

Summing Up

Dedicated Servers are designed for websites that demand maximum power and control over the server. While Dedicated Servers can benefit all kinds of websites, they are costly and hence should be selected only when the site/business needs them. For big companies, the features offered by a Dedicated Server are ideal for creating and maintaining a brand image of being a leading name in their segments.



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