Where Do We See Contactless Technology in Everyday Society?

Contactless technology is everywhere nowadays. It is simple and convenient and has helped to change many aspects of our modern society. Here are some of the ways we can see contactless technology in our everyday lives, with more emerging onto the market all the time.

ID Cards

Many businesses all around the world use contactless ID cards to help monitor the people coming in and out of the building. This can be found in both companies that have their own separate businesses, and big office blocks where you will find multiple companies all under the same roof. This means that only official workers of the office will be able to get into the building, as they need an ID card to do so.

This is easy to set up. There are so many ID card printers UK businesses can choose to invest in. These can be set up at the building’s reception and can then be used for visitors and permanent staff alike. It is an easy way for this type of office to keep control over who is allowed on the premises.

Season Public Transport Tickets

Season tickets for public transport are nothing new. If you know that you are going to be making several trips along the same route – for example as a commute – you should think about investing in a season ticket. To make these tickets a little more robust and efficient, many public transport organisations are looking into contactless cards as tickets.

These can either be for a set number of journeys – such as twenty single rides – or they could be top-up cards. The latter means that new credit can be loaded onto the card again and again so it can be used for a long time, making it very cost-effective overall. A great example of this is the Oyster card in London.


Contactless payments are really taking off. We have seen many banks create contactless payment cards. While some countries have placed a limit on this type of spending, others have really allowed payments of any size. It speeds up transactions and makes daily payments easy to manage. Some transport systems even allow you to use contactless payments in lieu of travelcards or tickets – just tap your card to the gate and you will be charged for a ticket.

However, contactless payments go well beyond cards. Many smartphones now contain the ability to make payments. Even if you don’t have your bankcard on you, you will still be able to pay for goods if you stop by a store.

We are always searching for more ways we can implement contactless technology into our society. It is definitely some of the most interesting tech that we have introduced to our everyday lives, and it has many more applications than the ones listed here. You might even be using contactless technology in your own life all the time, all without ever knowing some of the incredible work that has gone into creating these items.

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