Top 3 Reasons People Love Living in Indiana

Indiana is one of the most overlooked states in the country, and many who live here call it America’s best-kept secret.  Whether you’re interested in rural living or would rather live in a thick city, there’s something here for everyone!

These are the top three reasons people love living in Indiana and why it could be a dream come true!

1- Affordable Living

Since 2020 the cost of living has skyrocketed and made it impossible for many people to keep up the style of living they had before the pandemic started.  Thankfully for people in Indiana, the cost of living here is sublime!  The wild housing market did boost numbers here to some degree, but compared to the rest of the country, it was nothing too drastic!

You can still find education, food, entertainment, and so much more here at an affordable price for most people.  This makes it a dream come true for anyone who already telecommutes for their job!

2- Great Work and Life Balance

If you’re tired of the constant grind of living where you do now, it’s a good idea to seek out an area that has a great life and work balance!  The best place to find this is Indiana!  Here you can explore the endless fun and scenery on your days off and make sure to clock out without doing too much overtime on your work days.  Of course, you can still bury yourself in a career here if you want to, but you won’t necessarily have to just be able to afford to thrive here.

3- Incredible Fun for Sports Fans

One of the main reasons people start looking at Indianapolis houses for sale is because of how close they get to be to the tracks they love!  Indiana is best known for the Indianapolis 500, but it’s also known for its college sports teams and professional sports teams!  This means you’ll never run out of options for new things to see or cheer for as long as you live here!

The Unfortunate Flaws

Although Indiana is an incredible state, regardless of where you’re coming from, it does have its own set of flaws.  Generally, the most unfortunate thing many have to face here is that the average pay is lower than the national average.  This means that even if you go to school for the same number of years as someone in Washington, you could be making 25 to 30% less than them!  The low cost of living generally makes up for that, though.

Road trips are out.  If you’re the type of person who loves going on road trips to the beach or to huge cities, you’ll have to reconsider that.  Because of its placement, road trips are impossibly long from most of Indiana, and trying to get anywhere interesting or new will require you to fly.

There’s Nothing Like Indiana!

Every state has its flaws, but no state has the incredible perks that Indiana does!  Consider vacationing here at least once, and you’ll see why so many people are excited to live here.

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