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In a world where technology has become the life controller of everything you see, people are digitally literate. You can only count the number of people who do not know how to use a smartphone. My grandmother even owns a smartphone and calls her sisters through Messenger from time to time. It is fascinating how the advancement of technology became the prime indicator of development in our era.

Indeed, technology took a toll on our lives and helped us attend to our errands without compromising our daily jobs. At some point, if time tends to be so hectic, we can do everything all at once as long as we have our devices. You can check out recipes and tricks online while cooking or edit your photos and do graphic design using app  any time, anywhere.

As a student, it is not easy to attend some courses that send endless readings every single time. Most of the professors in universities do not print-out their review materials for students. Instead, they transmit the information through PDFs. Students can read through their gadgets or devices such as smartphones, iPad, tablets, laptops, or even their personal computers. With this new phase of technology being placed on our plate, students would not be having a hard time carrying loads of books from one place to another since they have their device that holds everything.

Stay tuned because with that in mind, here is the list of free pdf editor that you can use whenever you want to annotate on your readings and highlight them at the same time:

  1.  PDFescape

PDFescape is a free online editor for pdfs wherein not only students but even workers, to edit the emails they received from their colleagues. They can fill up an information sheet through this website without thinking about the hassle method of printing the file first then manually writing on it, followed by scanning it on your scanner before sending it again to its rightful recipient. Just thinking about the idea of doing the whole process tires me. Thankfully, with the advancement of technology, everything can be hassle-free, and filling up a simple sheet would not consume so much time.

If you open the PDFescape website, you can see the feature you need right away, whether for pdf editor, pdf reader, pdf form filler, pdf form designer, pdf annotator, and webmaster tools. Without worrying about any watermarks, the owner assured that anyone who opts to use their website would not worry about unnecessary issues since they have faced many challenges in their day-to-day endeavors. Their website would immediately direct to the respective feature you want to use once you click the tab. Therefore, it is effortless to understand; therefore, even users who are not familiar with the technological advances we have today would not have difficulty understanding how the process works.

2.   Smallpdf

Smallpdf is a company that originated in Switzerland who prioritizes making your PDF more efficient and easy to use. They noticed that the PDF files that we have contain unnecessary features, which makes it weigh more; therefore, the SmallPDF thought of making things more accessible through their program. What they do is once you upload your file on their website, you cannot only edit the pdf that your department head or your professor has sent you; instead, you can also remove the useless files instilled in the document to slow down your device. If a file is massive and contains quite a memory on your laptop or tablet, rest assured they might slow down, leading to the resolution to use the SmallPDF website to experience lag-free browsing.

This website is best for hardworking students and employees who save many files on their devices. Unknowingly, these files consume much of the memory that their devices have, which results in slower running progress. With this feature, the company became part of the 500 most visited websites globally despite being established five years ago. Rest assured that with their service, you can be more satisfied with your work through hassle-free intercourse.

3.  Sejda Online PDF Editor

Sejda is one of the most well-known websites in the industry because of the fantastic features for free. As we all know, nothing lures a customer than a service that is free of cost immensely when it helps them have an easier job to accomplish tasks. The company offers different benefits for individuals who want to use their website through a browser basis or through the application to download on your device. Also, they have special packages for teachers since they are the ones who use these kinds of services the most.

One of the best features of Sejda that made them the highest used pdf editor is that you can edit the original text in the pdf without a watermark, which becomes a top-notch deal for users because not every pdf editor has that kind of feature.

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