Resco inspection software

About the company-

Resco is the premier provider of business mobility solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, having been founded in 1999. Our solutions include full offline capability, extensive customization possibilities, and cross-platform compatibility, making them an excellent alternative for businesses wanting to access their data anytime and from any location. The Woodford configuration and administration tool is the backbone of Resco’s platform. Woodford is at the heart of all Resco products, including Software inspection, Field Service 2.0, Mobile Sales, Routes, and Resco Cloud, along with the Resco mobile apps. Our solutions are now used by over 2,500 corporate clients, with over 200,000 licenced users.

What is software inspection, and why is it needed?

When it was discovered that testing was insufficient to provide good quality software for extensive systems in the early 1970s, IBM coined the term software inspection.

Inspection Software is a software that can be used for identifying and removing flaws in software. This reduces faults and improves the quality of testing to eliminate them. This software inspection approach was shown to be the most effective in terms of removing flaws and increasing software quality.

Now, what is Resco software inspection?

Resco software inspection is a mobile data collecting and workflow management app. This utterly configurable software inspection programme is simple to set up and implement.

Resco Software inspection creates total dynamic questionnaires and forms with completely customizable design and business logic to drive each examination. Designer, Scheduler, Inspector App, and Analyst are the four components. In 2019, the first official version was published.

How does Resco Software inspection work?

Resco Software inspection is a tool that lets you customise each phase of your inspection process:

  • Make bespoke quizzes, dynamic forms, and surveys, among other things.
  • Improve the efficiency of your field staff’s software inspection and evaluate the data obtained – all with a single solution.

Features of Resco Software inspection:

  • Breakaway from paper and modernise your data collecting methods.

Using a sophisticated Designer with over 100 features, digitise all inspection forms, checklists, and reports. Go paperless to save money and protect the environment.

  • Keep your team under your command.

Tasks may be scheduled using a simple drag-and-drop method. However, automated workflow procedures, location tracking, and real-time notifications can help you achieve peak efficiency.

  • With a customised app, you can get more done with fewer mistakes.

Your team’s mobile software inspection app will become their go-to tool. Collect data more quickly and with fewer mistakes. Create reports in seconds and sign them digitally, even when you’re not connected to the internet.

  • Data is available right now, and warnings are sent out right away.

Get real-time access to all data. Dashboards allow you to see the broad picture and set up alerts for crucial concerns. Examine reports and export results to reporting software.

Achievements of Resco software inspection:

●     In less than four weeks, we had been deployed for the first time.

●     Reduce human error to less than 1%.

●     Increase productivity by more than 50%.

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