Common computer problems and their solutions

Just imagine that there is an important deadline to meet and your computer does not start. Imagine a situation where you have an important online conference and your computer hangs in between the conference. These problems are frustrating and can happen anytime. Computers are machines and like all machines, there is a possibility of problems. It is important that you detect these problems early and get them solved using the help of experts.

The blog takes a look at some of the common problems you may face with your PC and the solutions to the problems.

PC problems and solutions

1) Computer has become slow

This is a common problem most people face. The computer that used to work well suddenly becomes slow. It takes ages to switch on and applications start to become slow. One of the common reasons for this is a lot of clutter on the hard drive. This calls for a diagnostic checkup of the computer. Sometimes, reinstalling the operating system may be the only solution.

Another reason for a slow computer is infestation by malware and viruses. These malicious software load into the memory of the computer and slow it down. Installing and running a reliable anti-virus software is the solution to this problem. If the data has become corrupt, then reinstallation may be required.

2) Computer doesn’t switch on

This is a major problem when you have plenty of work to do but your computer doesn’t switch on. Some of the reasons for this problemand the solutions include:

  • It could be a problem with the power supply or could be due to the battery failing. This needs to be checked out and the power cord/battery changed, if required.
  • Sometimes the problem may be with the monitor. The monitor’s power connection may be faulty.
  • Peripheral devices attached may cause this problem. They need to be disconnected and then the system restarted.

3) Graphics card preventing startup

Graphic card causing PC not to start is another common problem. The graphics card may be faulty and as aresult, it can affect the system. If this is the case, the card can be removed and the system switched on. For a complete solution to the problem, the graphics card has to be repaired or replaced and reinstalled. This will solve this problem permanently.

4) Internet is slow

One of the most common problems is slow internet. There could be numerous reasons for this.

  • Problem with the modem could be a reason. Restarting the modem or replacing it if it has failed can solve the problem.
  • Problem with the service provider is where there is no internet link from the provider. In this case, you need to call the service provider and get the problem fixed at their end.
  • Your Wi-Fi connection may be problematic. You need to reset the Wi-Fi connection. If the problem is with the signal, you may need to move the modem to a place where it ensures a strong signal.

You don’t need to panic if you face a problem with your computer. Just get in touch with a good technician who can help you solve it.

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