All your customer support process can run remote at VOIZ

By implementing various project management tools, using cloud-based Contact Centre solutions and seamless integrations of various processes can make customer support very easy to manage. A remote workforce based marketplaces like VOIZ  is the go-to approach in such trying times when businesses are looking out for committed people providing CX support to customers.

A remote CX agent or a team of pre-trained remote agents can easily be deployed to operate your customer support processes. Marketplaces like  VOIZ are all-round remote CX solutions for your business needs. VOIZ is a linking bridge between brands, businesses and companies looking to outsource their CX with part-time gig workers and CX professionals across the globe. Over 80% of the people working with Voiz are new to the entire CX space delivering support services like telesales and voice support seamlessly.

Endless email communications and ongoing email trails can be a bit overwhelming while expecting remote agents to manage projects remotely. Thus, having in place efficient operating systems, dashboards and cloud-based access points can make it easier for the company and the CX agents to track, manage, delegate and receive work timely. All your support processes that require agent intervention on multiple levels can be easily managed with VOIZ.

Remote processes like voice support, chat support, email support, etc can be easily channelised via marketplaces like VOIZ. VOIZ matches your business needs with the talent and job requirements of  CX agents across the globe. There are multiple refresher courses available at Voiz where people can always enrol themselves and become a trained CX agent in no time. With the availability for businesses to hire CX support agents anytime, it makes it very effortless to run remote processes.

The pandemic and prolonged lockdowns are here to stay until the population of the earth is vaccinated and detected fully cured. In such a situation contact centres are also relying on remote CX agents for meeting the increasing CX expectations.

As a business, you can ensure that VOIZ provides you with an option to ramp-up and ramp-down your CX agent team size at any given moment due to change in business requirements.

Your business may also require customer support for backend works too, here VOIZ provides easy access for you to hire cx agents that can handle customer support with respect to bottom line processes. Pre-trained agents can handle documentation, invoice handling, handle multiple queries, provide complaints resolution and carry out a smooth complaint redressal process for customers.

Thus businesses may hire CX teams for customer support, telesales and other CX processes. This empowers businesses to benefit from accessing a broader talent pool and hiring quality remote employees from across the globe. In this way, the CX agents’ productivity and scalability are also ensured.

CX agents from VOIZ come with skill sets and work experience that can be beneficial for your customer support processes. By hiring remote agents you downsize on the high CAPEX costs and maintain a good CSAT score by acquiring pre-trained agents from VOIZ.



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