The Benefits of Serialization of Products in the Pharmaceutical Industry


For many years in the past, the medical and pharmaceutical industry has been faced with inherent challenges that have made the operations of the industry quite difficult and rough. Some of them have involved the reluctance of the professionals in the sector from conducting enough research to enable them to produce the correct quality of drugs that are required for the consumers in the market. However, one of the tragedies that have occurred in the recent years was the production of counterfeit drugs and other pharmaceutical products, all of which have been putting to at risk the lives of the consumers of these products in the market. Most of the consumers of these products are sick individuals, whose health status should be put into great considerations whenever such products are being manufactured for their consumption.

Luckily, the federal government of the United States and other states globally have unanimously agreed to fight against the cartels that have been conducting the business of producing counterfeit pharmaceutical products for the consumption by the public. Recently, there was the regulation by the WHO, to serialize all the drugs and pharmaceutical products by the manufacturers. This was a well-thought idea since it would be benefiting the consumers and manufacturers in various ways. As a result, several organizations have emerged, which have the intention of assisting the manufacturers in the process of serializing their products. A perfect example of such companies is a company like rfxcel. This and other serialization organizations share a similar agenda with the federal government and the World Health Organization, of offering the consumers of the pharmaceutical industry with the best products that they can afford for them. Below are some of the benefits that would come with the serialization of these products:

Easier Track of These Products

Serializing the pharmaceutical items and the drugs will enable the relevant authorities to track them throughout the supply chain. This would ensure that all the products that do not meet the specifications and requirements of these authorities are not allowed into the market, where they could cause some significant harm to the consumers. On the other hand, the serialization would also enable the consumers to identify the fake products and consequently report them to the relevant authorities and avoid buying them.

Reduce Drug Adulteration and Counterfeits

Serializing of drugs and other medical products put the manufacturers of these products in a position whereby they are responsible for the items that they produce. Therefore, the manufacturers would be very cautious to produce only the approved quality by the authorities; otherwise they would risk being penalized for manufacturing contraband items and products. For this reason, the manufacturers of counterfeit products and those who try to imitate the products of other companies are left with a minute chance of thriving in the market.

Ensures Traceability and Full Visibility

Serializing any products enables the customers and consumers of the products to identify the products with the manufacturers of those products. They would know if legitimate manufacturers produce the products. As a result, the likelihood of counterfeit products into the market is significantly reduced.


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