Conversational Chatbot Trends to Expect in 2020

Chatbots from companies like Convertobot are the number one digital communication craze and they have also been used successfully as a marketing tool. Chatbots have grown in popularity since their popular emergence in the early 2000s and rightfully so.

They give users more options using their features which have been boosted by the development of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

Chatbots are currently being used for many functions including customer service, scheduling tasks and lead generation among others. It would be very difficult to find a business with great customer service today that does not use chatbots to a degree.

Chatbot development is still ongoing and you can expect them to get even better this decade. However, looking only to this year, the following are some of the trends you can expect chatbots to follow in 2020:

Automation of Payments

In 2020, 67% of purchases online are likely to be made via chatbots. A trend that started a couple of years ago, you can expect even more payments to be facilitated using chatbots on messenger platforms such as Facebook Messenger.

Automating the online payment process will increase conversion rates, customer satisfaction and sales. Using chatbots to automate payments is reliable, cost effective and very organic.

Voice Recognition

As chatbots get more advanced in 2020, you can expect them to incorporate use of voice commands as opposed to typing them. Voice conversations are quicker than text and hence save time while allowing the user to perform other tasks.

Examples of chatbots leading this trend are Apple’s Siri and Google’s Alexa. Voice recognition will be powered by better comprehension of human speech by machine learning.

Better Natural Language Processing (NLP)

You should expect chatbots to get better at understanding natural human language which also boost voice recognition in chatbots. There have been reports of great leaps by technicians working on NLP, machine learning and A.I.

Once chatbots get better at comprehending natural human language, online businesses should expect to have better customer service, experiences and hence better sales volumes.

Better Conversations

When chatting even with the most exquisitely designed chatbots, you can still detect the lack of a human element in the conversation. In 2020, expect chatbots to get better at understanding and responding with humor and empathy among other human characteristics.

Responses will be more appropriate and more grammatically accurate as machines get better at conversing with humans

Better Understanding of Human Behavior

Human behavior is as erratic as it comes. However, there are still tendencies that can be recognized and be used to better understand human behavior.

With machine learning and Artificial Intelligence used in advanced chatbots getting better through training by humans, chatbots will better comprehend the users’ purchasing cycle and customer satisfaction rates.

Use of Analytics

If you have ever communicated with a site’s chatbot before, you are part of their customer relationship management system and they have the interaction stored in their database. Therefore, a chatbot can build on previous interactions to make conversations more personal and organic.

Such developments are enabled by diligent analytic work which users can expect to get better and more advanced in 2020. Better analytics means more learning and hence better responses.

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