What Metrics Should You Target When Guest Posting?

Guest posting has been used now as one of the main methods of generating high quality backlinks for your website for a number of years, and as times move forward, we have to constantly adapt our approach to make sure we are adhering to the latest quality guidelines to ensure we don’t get any penalties from major search engines as a result of our guest posting campaigns.

Sometimes it’s difficult to navigate through things like this by yourself. You can always employ the skills of a guest posting service instead, doing this means you know that your guest posting project is in safe hands, and that the agency will be looking at all of the right metrics, and ensuring you get nothing but the very best results from your project.

But, if you want to go it at alone, then there are a number of things you can look out for when you’re identifying target blogs, to help guarantee maximum success and a completely natural link profile – hopefully, helping you to avoid any sort of negative effect from your campaign.

The first check you want to do on any blog is to check to make sure the blog is indexed in Google. If it’s not indexed in Google, then it’s not worth posting there; chances are that nobody will see it, and you will not get any sort of value from the link. The second check you want to make is the content on the blog; is it good quality? Are there clear editorial standards? Is the content written for an audience or for Google? It should be easy to see after looking at a few articles whether or not the content is real and written for real people. The next thing you want to check is whether or not the audience receives real traffic, you can do this by using a tool like SimilarWeb, this will show you roughly how much traffic the website receives, and where that traffic comes from. You want to target blogs with more than 30,000 visitors per month. The next steps you want to check are basic statistics, like the Moz Domain Authority, and the Ahrefs TrustFlow. As long as those metrics aren’t too low, and the blog has passed the other checks, then you should be safe publishing an article there, and you should see some really solid results. You always want to avoid blogs where anybody can simply sign up and publish their own content, as they tend to end up being spammed by all sorts of low quality link builders, they become overused, and eventually, links from them become obsolete and not worth anything. If you’re spending time creating good, valuable content, then make sure you place it somewhere it’s going to be read and appreciated.

To conclude, if you follow these steps above and ensure you thoroughly inspect these metrics when you’re looking at blogs to target for your guest posting campaign, then you should be fine. You should be able to sit back and watch as your website climbs the ranks, gets more visibility, and your traffic starts to soar as a result of all of your hard work!

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