SDN Network to Be Switched Off by 2025

IIt’s official – BT has announced that ISDN lines will be phased out by 2025. For businesses that are still using analogue technology, this will have important repercussions, as these businesses will need to switch to new technology for their communication needs. Luckily, the technology is already in use and proving to be very popular.

The Options

VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, is a system hosted by the business or in a cloud that uses the internet for voice communications. There are many VoIP packages available, and one of their benefits is the cost reduction that comes from using them, particularly if the provider offers good wholesale VoIP termination rates . Other benefits of VoIP include its flexibility and security features. Another option for more modern communication is SIP trunking, where SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. A SIP connection is basically a virtual phone line, and again the platform for communication is the internet.

Steps to Take

If you thinking of moving towards internet-based telephony, you will want to research the providers and what they offer. But the first step is probably assessing your business and its communication needs and what it needs more of to increase its productivity. For more tips on boosting productivity in the workplace, see this report from The Telegraph. Once you are clear on what your office needs, then you can find an internet-based telephony package to deliver those requirements.

Cutting costs on essential services is always appealing. If you want the best deals on wholesale VoIP termination rates for your business, it would make sense to consult an expert on wholesale VoIP termination rates. A reputable provider should be able to supply details of packages, security options and how VoIP can be customised to serve your business.

The world of communications is changing rapidly, and sticking with the traditional hardware is not an option. However, there are many benefits in making the change to internet-based telephony, and once the change has been made, you may find that it delivers advantages you had not even considered. To make the change, however, your business will need good internet connectivity. Good connectivity will ensure that voice quality is of a high standard and that features such as video-conferencing can be easily accessed.


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