Buying Guide: How to choose your landline?

The omnipresence of cell phones in homes could have ended the home phone’s reign. The landline phone has been able to adapt to changing expectations and habits of users to remain indispensable. Color screen, wireless, answering machine, landline phones today have many options. Here’s how to choose the one that suits you.


Today, most home phones are cordless phones, but there are still wired phones. If you choose one of these, ask yourself if it is well adapted to your use. You can buy Yealink t23g which is 3 line Voice over internet protocol. It is the best option for company manager communication with HD voice. It can help customers in providing streamline communication for small and large office conditions.

If you’re used to telephoning, going out in your backyard or on your balcony, or doing something else while talking, it’s clearly better to turn to a wireless model, and if you want model equipped with the hands-free function.


If you choose a cordless phone, find out about the battery life. It is not the same depending on the phone chosen. Learn about its autonomy in standby when not rested on its base, and its talk time, which can be up to several tens of hours.


The repertoire and the answering machine are seldom features that decide the purchase of a landline. However, in use, you may realize that your landline is not at all suited to your needs. Depending on how often you use it, and the number of people you will call, it can be interesting to be able to save the numbers of your contacts directly in the directory of your landline. You will avoid typing their number each time and you will see who is calling you.

Opt for a directory capacity of at least 100 names. The same goes for the answering machine: if you want people who call in your absence to leave a message, do not skip this feature and opt for a landline phone with answering machine.


Depending on your budget and your wishes of use, you will be able to choose your fixed telephone according to the size of its screen (which can also be in color), to opt for a model proposing a Bluetooth function, to choose a multi-combined or combined offer additional to have a phone in each room or select a landline suitable for seniors. One of the best landline phones is Grandstream Gxp1625 voip phone which can satisfy your requirements easily. It is 2-line IP phone. It has following main features:

  • multi-language support
  • integrated PoE (GXP1625 only)
  • 3 XML programmable soft keys allow the GXP1620/1625 to be a high quality, versatile and dependable office phone.
  • dual-switched 10/100mbps ports HD audio

Lastly, today’s landline phones are no stranger to design, so choose an effective object that you will be proud to exhibit in your living room.

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