What You Should Know About Managed Hosting

In the business world, a website is a necessity for every business, either small, medium or a large scale business. It allows brands to reach customers across the globe with real-time updates and information. In fact, a website is one of the assets being used to value a business nowadays. Functions of a website have gone beyond sharing only information, transactions, DIY tools, and other digital tasks are being carried out on a website.


Creating a fully functional website requires multiple skills and knowledge such as graphic design, web programming, web hosting knowledge, etc. It usually cost a lot of money to get one designed by a professional, and even much more to host and maintain it to the best standard. Thanks to innovative web developers who came up with DIY web building tools so that people with zero or little knowledge in web building and hosting can also build a great website on their own.

One of the best DIY web builders is WordPress. WordPress is an open-source web builder that allows you to create a fully functional website using the WordPress script, you can customize the appearance with themes and add more functions with plugins. WordPress is well known for other things such as;

  • Flexibility: WordPress can be customized for any kind of website, be it a blog, online store, general websites, portals, etc. with suitable themes and plugins, you will design what you desire.
  • Customizable: WordPress is not built to leave webpage elements where they are, if you have a good knowledge of CSS and HTML, you can give you WordPress theme a new look that is totally different from the theme you edited.
  • Support: WordPress is used by millions of people around the world and is supported by top web developers. Someone has already experienced the error you may experience, and that person would have found the solution and pasted it online. So for every issue, you encounter with WordPress, you can always find the solution online. Otherwise, you can still get developers support.
  • Efficiency: WordPress is designed, optimized and tested to offer equal maximum performance even under extreme conditions.

To get the best of WordPress, it needs to be hosted in a conducive environment where it gets enough resources to expend. Shared and managed/dedicated hosts are two most popular hosting options for WordPress websites; Shared hosting is the type of hosting where multiple websites (up to thousands) reside on a single server, the server resources are shared between the websites and each website is oblivious of other websites it is sharing a server with. A managed Hosting, on the other hand, is a dedicated server hosting i.e. the website is isolated on a server with unlimited resources to utilize, other personalized services such as maintenance are provided for clients who purchased this hosting plan.

Managed WordPress Hosting is a hosting plan that lets you host WordPress website comfortably, the hosting provider performs the technical, security and maintenance tasks, all you will have left is posting content and managing visitors’ activities. A2 Hosting offers various types of web hosting packages that are suitable for different web hosting usage, A2 Hosting also offers Managed WordPress Hosting with outstanding features; Free Jetpack Personal License, developer tools, free WordPress themes and plugins, security features and lot more. A2 Hosting WordPress Managed Hosting comes in three different plans; 1-Site, 3-Sites and unlimited.

If for any reason Managed WordPress Hosting is not for you, they also offer a variety of other services. With services ranging from standard Shared Hosting to Fully Managed VPS Hosting to Dedicated Servers, rest assured they have something for everyone.

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