Netgear Extender Setup – Fix Intermittent WiFi Connection

WiFi extenders are amazing devices that make it possible for you to enjoy web access in all corners of your house or workplace. The great thing about them is that you can connect multiple WiFi devices simultaneously to enjoy internet access…which is good but brings you to WiFi connectivity issues.

Don’t worry! This is pretty common.

With multiple gadgets and smart devices running on your WiFi connection, a stable wireless network may shake a bit quite frequently. However, like other technical issues, this problem can also be resolved with a workaround. In this how-to-tutorial, we have discussed an easy solution for Intermittent WiFi connection on your new extender setup.

How To Fix Intermittent WiFi Connection

It’s always a good thing to take precautionary steps to keep a problem away rather than treating it later. However, if things come to finding solutions for Intermittent WiFi connection problem during Netgear extender setup, here’s what you can do:

  • First off, make sure your range extender and power adapter are connected properly. Also, check if the power supply is strong
  • Ensure that your client is connected properly with your extender’s network
  • All set, now head to your computer and open a web browser
  • Enter into net
  • Provide your username and password on the appeared web page. These are the same credentials you used during WiFi extender setup. If you changed the login details afterward, use the changed ones here
  • Once in, make sure your extender is currently using the latest firmware. If not, update the firmware to make the device work better. To do so, head to the Device Update page and click on the “check” button. When the information about the newest firmware appears, hit “Update
  • Once this is complete, pick up a pointed object like a pin and push the Factory Reset button
  • Wait for a while until the extender reboots properly. Once it does, configure it once again

That’s it! The intermittent WiFi connection problem you were facing earlier will now be fully resolved. In case you still need guidance regarding this or any technical issue with your mywifiext extender setup, consult a professional to help you.

It’s always recommended to keep this problem at bay in the first place. To know how you can avoid an Intermittent WiFi connection in advance, follow the tips below:

  1. Router Placement Must Be Ideal

Ideally, the router must be placed in the central position of your building. In that case, the router will be able to provide faster WiFi network in most areas of the building. Also, make sure there are no interfering objects concrete walls or appliances such as microwave or refrigerators. It’s important to keep your router away from such objects as they block your router’s signals.

  1. Distance Between The Router And Extender Must Be Optimal

Since a WiFi extender extends the wireless network that it receives from a connected router, it’s essential to set it up wisely on the perfect place. The ideal distance between the two devices is around 15-20 meters.

Now, here comes another consideration: the distance between your extender and the dead zone (or area) in your house for which you’ve installed it. The smart move is to place the extender at a place which is close enough to both the router and the dead zone.

  1. Keep Non-interfering Wireless Devices Away

Similar to routers, WiFi extenders too need an unobstructed atmosphere to work properly. Appliances and electronic tools such as microwaves, baby monitors, Bluetooth devices, and cordless phones cause interference with WiFi signals. So, make sure your wireless extender is placed away from such appliances. Doing so will help you avoid intermittent WiFi connection problem.

  1. Disconnect Inactive WiFi Devices

True, you can connect multiple devices with your extender to use the internet on them but do it wisely. Do not keep all the devices connected with your extender all the time. Disconnect those devices that are not active at a time.

  1. Check Out The Connection Between Router And Extender

The wireless network will work properly only the connection between your extender and router is proper. If both the devices support Ethernet cable, use one to connect the both with each other. If you are using a wireless connection, make sure there is no disturbance in the surroundings.

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