How To Monetize Your Blog In 2022?

Blogging is growing at a rapid pace, and many individuals who first started blogging as a creative outlet are now earning a full-blown income by turning their blogs into successful businesses. 

While blogging consists of writing and creating quality content for your target audience, that’s not enough to monetise it. You need to consider multiple other factors to optimise your blog to reach more people. 

During this journey, you’ll also require a web hosting service to support your blog’s growth and cater to the needs of your growing audience. Once your blog starts growing and reaching more people, it’ll be difficult for them to access your blog’s content if it’s not hosted on a Hosting Server. Hence, to ensure your blog stays up and available, you can choose a Shared Hosting solution—an affordable hosting plan for beginners. 

While a web hosting plan is critical for your blog’s growth, it’s not the only solution to monetise your blog. In this article, we’ll discover several ways you can make money through your blog in 2022. Let’s get started. 

Ways to monetise your blog in 2022

Here are a few actionable strategies to earn money through blogging. 

  • Create a content strategy 

If all you’ve been doing in 2021 is writing quality content and yet saw no results, that’s where you’re going wrong. Just keeping on writing will not only make you burn out but also won’t drive the required traffic to your blog. 

That’s where a content strategy comes to play! 

A content strategy acts as a roadmap for the content you’ll create and publish in the future that’ll not only make you rank higher on the search engines but drive maximum traffic to your blog. 

An efficient content strategy includes: 

  • Keyword research 
  • Understanding search intent 
  • Competitor research 
  • Inbound and outbound link building 
  • A content calendar 

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  • Build organic traffic 

Monetising our blog won’t be possible without building an audience and organic traffic. 

To ensure you gain organic traffic, work on these areas: 

    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Ensure you focus on keyword research, build backlinks, and link internally to create SEO-optimised content. 
  • Email marketing: Email marketing lets you build meaningful relationships with your audience, which is a recipe for success. 
  • Social media marketing: Marketing your blog on social media is another way to reach your target audience and grow your blog to make it monetisable. 
  • Choose a relevant monetisation method 

Here are some monetisation methods to make money from your blog: 

  • Affiliate marketing: You can gain commissions by promoting online products, services, courses, etc., made by others on your blog when your audience buys them. 
  • Sell your own products: Alternatively, you can sell your own digital products, like eBooks or physical products like brand merch, to make money. 
  • Display ads: Ads are an excellent way to earn money through blogging if your blog receives more traffic. 
  • Sell services: You can also sell professional services like photography, design, writing, virtual assistance, etc. 


If you have relevant knowledge from a specific industry to share, blogging can be an excellent way to put your word across and make money. By ensuring all things are in place, including content strategy, SEO, marketing, etc., you can effectively monetise your blog in no time. 

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