Precautions To Take During Copper Mining

Working in the mines is quite risky as it has been reported that yearly people died during working in the mines. And that is why while working in the mines it’s emphasized to take care of the safety precautions and be ready for any type of accident.

When you are working in mines there are high chances of encountering any type of accident. It could be a  toxic gas release, falling off the rocks, or accidents due to false working of the equipment.  A lot of the companies do take care of all these factors, for example, Solaris is well aware of the safety of their employees that are currently working in Warintza.

Following are the precautions that you should take while working in the copper mines:

Be Wary About the Danger

Acknowledge the fact that working as a miner is a risky job. And for that, you need to be on alert all the time. Working as a miner is hazardous and you may face any kind of challenge at any step. Not only be on the damage alert but also take care of your colleagues and be mindful of what they’re doing. Never let your guard down as the safest places in the mines can turn out to be the most dangerous ones.

Seek Professional Help

Before jumping into the mining field, you must be well aware of all the safety precautions. For that, getting professional training is important. And even if you have previously taken any training then keep on refreshing that training and keep on taking new safety training as with the innovations the new safety equipment are being introduced. That is even better. If you are a company that has a lot of mining employees then it is a must for you to provide your employees with a good safety training course.

Effectively Plan and Communicate

Planning is the most important aspect of any of the tasks you are going to perform. And when going for mining you must effectively communicate with your employees about every step that you are about to perform. Not only plan and communicate about the work but also the needs of the miner, anything regarding their safety. Always be clear about your instructions to avoid any unnecessary risk or any future possible danger. Even if any kind of danger arises, work with your team and provide clear instructions to solve the problem as soon as possible and effectively.

Be Ready With Safety Equipment

The most important part of mining is always being ready. You should have all the safety equipment present with you all the time. But just the presence is not enough. Be sure to get your safety equipment checked and if any service is needed get it done as soon as possible. Never try to save any money or compromise when it comes to safety equipment. Nothing is more important than your employees’ lives. Moreover, make sure that every miner has the safety equipment on. Like the gloves, glasses, helmets of protection as even these smaller equipment’s can turn out to be life-saving.


A whole lot of process takes place while mining the copper. Mining companies are trying to extend the copper mining projects like the Warintza project, they should also take care of increasing chances of accidents. And this is why giving professional training to the employees is important.

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