Being a responsible citizen you must know that you are not permitted to park your vehicle anywhere you want. You must also have an acknowledgement about the difference between double and single yellow lines that can help you indicate where to park. Though it true that finding a parking space can be a little complicated.

To avoid all your parking nightmares, you should give a look below:


The most obvious parking space could be a designated parking spot where you can park your vehicle anytime. It could be either on the side of the road or inside any building’s basement. These parking bays are usually marked by a large ‘P’ on a white or blue background on the ground that indicates the parking sign.

Some parking bays are free so you don’t have to pay any cost for it while other parking bays can charge you a good amount like a park stay and go gatwick spot. The parking spaces that charge you extra usually provide more security which protects your car from getting stolen or towed. On the opposite site if you are practiced to do the alternate side parking then these parking bays can charge you some fine or penalty fee. These type of parking bays are mostly private parking areas where you have to follow the parking regulation. They might include some time restrictions or other limits.


Whenever you see double yellow lines painted on the road or any spot, just consider it as no parking. You cannot park your vehicle over the double yellow lines at any cost.

However, there could be some occasional restrictions that can allow parking in some cases. For example, you may be permitted to park over the double yellow lines while loading or unloading a vehicle. Or, Blue Badge holders can park on double yellow lines for a maximum time.

If you don’t fall into any of the occasional excuses and you parked your vehicle on double yellow lines then you will be charged with a parking fine which is usually around $70. You can pay half of the fine if you pay within 14 days. If not, then your fine will double or more.


Single yellow lines on the road or any parking spot means no parking, waiting for loading or unloading allowed at any cost. The restrictions are pretty clear and strict action would be taken if somebody tries to violate the law. But similar to the situation in the double yellow lines, Blue Badge holders can park on single lines for a maximum time limit.


In most of the countries, red lines are used instead of yellow lines. They indicate the same restrictions as the yellow lines. Though in United Kingdom single red lines indicate red routes on the road. It means you can load or unload but you cannot park your vehicle. These red routes also allow parking to licensed taxis, Blue Badge holders and open parking for a certain time limit.

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