6 ways the best mac cleaner helps me speed up my Mac

Apple Mac OS X performs impressively. However, there are times when all the clutter stored on the system overtakes its performance and your Mac starts taking ages to load. Luckily, it’s not a rocket-science to speed up Mac and fix issues like why is my mac so slow. Some simple cleaning tricks and tweaks and your Mac will again be performing like when you bought it new.

For those who’re troubled by why is my mac so slow and are not sure how to fix their Mac’s speed issues manually the best mac cleaner like Mac Optimizer Pro is a savior tool to speed up and clean up Mac efficiently.

  1. Clean up your desktop

All the items you keep on your desktop occupy space. The more these items, the slower your Mac gets. To improve Mac performance and resolve issues forcing you why is my mac so slow, all you need to do is delete all unwanted items from the desktop and move the less-frequently used ones to relevant folders.

  1. Kill unwanted login items

Login items are those apps, services, and background processes that start up immediately with your Mac’s booting. These items can be very heavy and badly affect your Mac’s startup. The solution is to kill all unwanted startup or login items to Mac performance.

  • Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items
  • Choose the items you don’t want to immediately launch with the startup
  • Click on the ““ button below

For novice users, Mac Optimizer Pro, the best mac cleaner, can help to speed up mac drastically. The best mac cleaner is designed to tackle multiple performance-degrading issues like why is my mac so slow single-handedly.

  1. Free up the hard drive

All your downloaded and saved files find a way to your Mac’s hard disk drive. Its free space is used as the virtual memory to run the system smoothly. If your Mac is not performing well and you’re encountering issues like why is my mac so slow, you immediately need to free up your hard drive.

To do that, find and delete all unnecessary and heavy files like movies, games, videos, and music tracks. Empty the trash cans of the system as well as iPhoto, iMovie, and Mail apps.

By taking the helping hand of the best mac cleaner app, Mac Optimizer Pro, hours of your time and efforts of cleaning the hard disk can be saved. The best mac cleaner is very efficient in sorting heavy and unwanted clutter from your disk drive and remove these items to speed up mac in no time.

  1.  Disable visual effects

Macs run with the visual effects easy on your eyes. But these take up so much from the system resources. The wisest move is to disable these effects if your Mac’s crawling like a snail forcing you to wonder why is my mac so slow. Here’s how:

  • Go to System Preferences > Dock
  • Un-tick the boxes next to options: Magnification, Animate opening applications, Automatically hide and show the dock, Turn off accessibility
  • Head to the “Minimize windows using” heading and select “Scale Effect
  1. Make use of the Activity Monitor

Apple’s Activity Monitor is designed to let users learn what’s taxing your Mac’s memory. In order to do that, head to the Finder window > Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor. You can now select which currently-running apps are unnecessary for you and can be done away with to speed up mac.

For those who’re not-too-tech-savvy, Mac Optimizer Pro, the best mac cleaner is the tool they can use to tackle multiple performance and speed issues. The best mac cleaner is tried and trusted by millions of Mac users worldwide who are tired of asking why is my mac so slow.

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